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The goal is to produce a library, running on as many platforms as possible, which can produce names of persons and places basing on a country passed.
It should be used for several purposes:

  • Include it into games
  • Generate name lists for Role Playing Games
  • Include it into Character Generators

The most important thing is to make it flexible. New name schemes can be added by a small rules file and a list of names of this country. So everyone can upgrade it with a simple text editor.
The lib is currently working on Unixes like Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD. Also Windows is up and running. It is based on the GLib and can be ported to everything offering the GLib. Licence: This code is licenced under the LGPL 2.1 or later. This means:
  • It is Open Source and you can modify it (add name lists)
  • Every modification must also be Open Source
  • You can link it dynamically to you Closed Source projects (and use it for commercial games)
To know more, please read the LGPL licence.

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